A New Beginning

The first of July 2008 marked a new direction for health services in Indigo Shire. This was the first day of Indigo North Health Inc. (INH) which arose from the amalgamation of Chiltern & District Health Service with Glenview Community Care Inc. The prospect of amalgamating evolved from discussions involving Board members of both organisations, the first of which took place in October 2007.

The creation of Indigo North Health Inc combined 120 years of health services. In 1939 health services in Rutherglen began in the form of Rutherglen Bush Nursing Hospital. Over the years the hospital grew and evolved from a Bush Nursing Hospital to a District Hospital. By the early eighties the hospital’s acute status had diminished. Following lengthy discussions between the hospital’s board and state and federal departments the hospital became Glenview Community Care in 1990; a provider of residential aged care and community health services. Services continued to expand over the next two decades.

Health services commenced in Chiltern on October 4th 1959 with the official opening of the Chiltern & District Bush Nursing Hospital. The hospital commenced with six beds. Complete with operating theatre and nursery the facility was considered extremely modern. Air conditioning, oil powered heating, telephones and radios ensured the comfort of patients at the time. Bed numbers increased over the years and the hospital evolved into Chiltern & District Health Service. However it too suffered the same fate as Rutherglen and in 2006 closed its bed-based services. It operated as a provider of some community based services until the decision to amalgamate was made.

Life Governors

As at 1st January 2010 the following persons were life governors of Indigo North Health:

Mr Malcolm Campbell  
Mrs Irene Cracknell OAM  
Mr Syd Diffey (deceased)
Mr David Fara  
Mrs Elsie Gray (deceased)
Mr John Hotson (deceased)
Mr Max Jasper  
Mr William McLean Snr (deceased)
Mr William Meagher  
Mrs Olive Nesbitt  
Mr M (Frank) O’Keefe  
Mr Charles Raynor (deceased)
Mr Ian Smithwick  
Mrs Heather Stephens  
Mr Ian Stones