OSHC - Rutherglen

oshcOutside School Hours Care (OSHC) is the provision of care for primary school aged children after school and/or during vacation time. OSHC focuses on the provision of stimulating developmental, social and recreational activities for children, while meeting the care requirements of families.

We provide OSHC at Rutherglen. These services are provided out of the Rutherglen Primary School.

Contact Susan Harris, Services Co-Ordinator.

The Indigo North Health Inc. Outside School Hours Care (OSHC) service aims to provide high quality care and education programs that recognise the importance of understanding child development in school aged children.

The Indigo Health North OSHC service values care and education achieved through interactive play. The development of a child’s self esteem supports the social, emotional, recreational  and educational needs of child development.

The Indigo Health North OSHC service will provide a creative, safe, secure and interactive environment that enhances child development in all aspects that the service provides (Before School Care, After School Care & Vacation Care[depending on the service]).

The Indigo Health North OSHC service values its relationships within the community by supporting children, schools, parents, caregivers and guardians in assisting community and family members to continue and maintain reliable work employment, volunteering and personal development training.

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Services on offer at Rutherglen are Vacation Care, Before & After School also including Curriculum or Pupil Free Days.