Home Care Packages

Your Home Care Package services are delivered by Indigo North Health staff or another provider, if you wish. 
As part of your package you will have a Coordinator who will work with you to develop a plan to enable you to obtain the goals you wish to achieve. 
The Indigo north Health staff providing services to you are locals, and have the qualifications and experience to provide you with an excellent service. 

The Indigo North Health Home Care program is a full fee paying service.

The Home Care program provides Community Care services to

  • Older member of our community
  • Younger people with disabilities and their carers,
  • People requiring additional support at home following a hospital admission
  • Clients of TAC and/or Worksafe

This program provides a basic level of support to assist service users to remain independent at home.

Indigo North Health staff are able to assist with most daily living activities including:

  • Personal Care
  • Community access and participation
  • Food preparation
  • Transport to appointments
  • Domestic assistance
  • Respite
  • Social support

The program is supported by nursing and personal care staff.


How Do I get a Home Care Package?

Our pricing is available in the schedule below.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Julie Berry or Christine Mullavey on 02 6033 6200 or via email at hcp@inh.org.au.

Pricing Schedule >>



We will always welcome any feedback you have, as we strongly believe this will help us improve our services. You can submit your feedback via our website at https://www.inh.org.au/feedback/. Your Coordinator can also provide you with a paper based form.

Home Oxygen

Through our alliance with BOC Australia we are an accredited agent for Home Therapy Service Provision. This involves the delivery, setting up and and ongoing support of clients dependent upon home oxygen, be it oxygen concentrator or cylinders.

We service North East Victoria and the Riverina, liaising closely with healthcare facilities and BOC's Customer Service Centre to provide a prompt and efficient service.

Trained staff provide education in the setting up and use of oxygen delivery equipment to clients and their carers as well as aged care facilities.

We also maintain ongoing supply of oxygen therapy through planned cylinder changeovers and delivery of supplies.

As an accredited agent we are also authorised to sell portable concentrators and supplies and consumables.